Complete Guide To Youtube Marketing


How does a company that sells blenders attract more than 220 million views on YouTube? How does Zappos drive more than 250,000 visits a year to its website from YouTube? With 100 hours of footage uploaded to YouTube every minute, how do you successfully market your business on the world’s largest video site and #2 search engine? This guide will provide answers to those questions and much more. Whether you are a YouTube beginner or a seasoned pro, this guide will serve as an in-depth guide for marketing on YouTube.

How to Set up Your YouTube One Channel

YouTube is evolving from a “video-based site to a channelsbased site where subscriptions rule.” With the One Channel layout, your branding will work across all screens, you can turn non-subscribers into loyal fans, and you can show off more of your video content. While I won’t describe all of the ways you can optimize your YouTube One Channel, I’ll cover a few of the important basics.

Create Channel Icon and Art Think of your channel icon as your profile picture. You can either upload an image or choose a still image from one of your videos. If you upload an image (recommended), upload an 800px by 800px image.

For your channel art, YouTube recommends that you upload a single 2560px by 1440px image. This provides the best results on all kinds of screens and devices, including desktops, laptops, phones, tablets, televisions, or any other place with pixels.

Upload a Trailer You now can feature a trailer that displays only when non-subscribers visit your channel. This video is your chance to show off your channel and encourage viewers to subscribe. YouTube lets you select a trailer from one of your uploaded videos, or you can enter a YouTube URL. The Annoying Orange channel provides a great example of an optimized One Channel trailer. They optimized their trailer description with relevant links to purchase merchandise, download mobile games, and follow them on Twitter.

Add Custom and Social Links YouTube gives you the option to overlay one custom link and up to five social links on top of your channel art. For the social media links, you must select from YouTube’s dropdown menu of social networks. You cannot enter in your own links, but there is a wide range of social media sites to choose from, including Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Tumblr, Blogger, etc.

How to Produce Effective YouTube Videos

Gone are the days when YouTube was exclusively a place for one-hit, user-generated viral videos. If you’re serious about building a successful marketing campaign on YouTube, you have to consider your channel’s long-term plan.

Are you there to educate or entertain? Are you looking to increase subscribers or attract new visitors to your website?

YouTube recently changed its algorithm. Previously they ranked videos that had a large view count higher than others. Now it gives videos and channels that retain viewers throughout an entire video more visibility in its search results and discovery (suggested videos at the end of each video and related videos on the right sidebar).

Don’t be discouraged if you have never produced a video. You don’t need an Oscar to maximize watch-time on your videos. All you need are simple video production techniques that include effective editing, quality production, and an engaging video structure.

Put Compelling Content First

Studies have shown that viewers decide during the first 15 seconds of a video whether they are going to keep watching or not. And, in this modern world, we are accustomed to a constant flow of information. So, you should aim to build trust or curiosity within the first 15 seconds of your video.

Here are a few ways you can quickly engage viewers:

  • Gain the viewer’s trust with a quick, animated introduction.
  • Spark the viewer’s curiosity, or tease the rest of the video, with hosts/personalities.
  • Start with a quick clip that previews what’s to come.

Having an animated introduction is a simple and effective way to build a viewer’s trust. It instantly shows them that a quality production is about to follow.

This is especially important if you’re doing a talking head/webcam video. A professional introduction captivates your audience and adds production value to an otherwise static video. If you are creating a “how-to” type video, think about showing the final result first and then going into the instructional steps.

Inspiring viewers from the beginning will keep them engaged throughout your video.

Create Calls to Action

The key to a successful marketing campaign, even on YouTube, is creating clear and concise calls to action (CTAs). Depending on the message, you can use the beginning, middle, or end of a video to direct your viewers’ actions.

Having too many prompts can cause confusion, so keep your CTAs minimal and simple. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for viewers to perform an action.

Here are a few important actions to use on your videos:

  • Subscribe: Give your viewer a reason to subscribe (e.g., new videos every week or never missing an episode).
  • Like/Add to Favorites/Share: Ask your viewers to “like,” “favorite,” and “share” the video so your content appears in more places across YouTube. You’ll be amazed at the reaction you get when you simply ask for it.
  • Comments: Encourage your audience to participate by asking a specific question or requesting a topic they’d like to see covered in an upcoming video.
  • Video Graphics: Create an “end slate” that appears at the end of the video to direct viewers to your website.
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